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Hi, friends! Welcome to my site.

You can call me Rama. I’m a storyteller who is now focus on working as a UX Writer. Do you have time to spend? Here, you can read two of my writings and both of it was written in Bahasa.

Beside those works, you also can check out my portfolios as a UX Writer on this page. I’ve written the portfolios in English. If you have to know more about my work experiences, please go to About Me page.

Happy exploring! 🤓

About Me

My Portfolios

The Notebook

Muslim’s Journal (Bahasa)

Fiction & Publication (Bahasa)

📖 Currently reading:

Discuss books with me? I’m in!

The Laws of Human Nature

Writing Is Designing

Project Hail Mary

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I liked to discussing about ideas, user experience, and product development. If you have something to ask in mind, don’t hesitate. Send me an invitation!

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